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Get to KNOW Desirae Outcalt

Our very own Vice President and Relationship Manager Desirae Outcalt not only got included in the pages of KNOW — an annual publication featuring more than 100 dynamic, Phoenix-area women from virtually every industry — but her image was even flashed across the screen during a Good Morning Arizona televised segment about the publication.

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KNOW features entrepreneurs, writers, philanthropists, realtors, bankers and many more of our area’s most creative and productive women. This year’s issue features women who range in age from 24 to 70.

“The objective of KNOW is really well aligned with my work at The Biltmore Bank of Arizona,” says Desirae. “As Biltmore bankers, we’re always asking ourselves how we can help our clients and our colleagues. Success in business is founded on successful relationships. Celebrating collaboration is a great way to create a business culture that people really want to be part of.”

Sarah Benken, publisher of KNOW, characterizes the publication and the series of networking and socializing events associated with it, as “collaboration over competition,” focusing on inspirational, powerful women helping each other – an influential, well-vetted group she calls the Know Tribe.

“Our mission for KNOW is to align with women who care about empowerment and are intentional about lending a hand whenever called,” the KNOW website says. “It is about connecting with women making impacts in their community and strides in their industry. KNOW women are authentic.”

More than 10,000 copies of KNOW have been distributed across the valley. To nominate yourself or someone you know for the next edition, visit the KNOW website at

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Desirae. We’re proud to know and work with her.